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Golf de Lyon Verger

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Friendship and fair play are the mottos of the Sport Association with more than 500 members. The all-volunteer team under Alain Arnaud :
  • Promotes golf playing at all levels,
  • Participates in the club life together with the club management and the pros,
  • Represents the Association in the Federation Française de Golf (Ligue Rhône Alpes and Comité du Rhône).

The organization can respond to various needs :
  • The golf class boasts a golf programme for 70 children, classes taught by our pros on Wednesdays, Saturdays and  Sundays, special classes for young hopefuls are also held…
  • Inter-generations cup
  • Highly competitive teams at the national and regional levels enhance the overall level of the club
  • The well-known Veterans team form a dynamic group that take part in competitions in the Rhône Alpes Region as well as in the Rhône valley.
  • Ladies’club, the “L’Swing” compete for relaxation, social contacts but always with a sporting spirit. 

Every year more than 20 competitions in the club, or with partner clubs allow all players to make friendly connections in matches characterized by a love of sport.

Club Championship and Annual General Meeting of the Sport Associaton in November

Contact: + (33° 4 78 02 84 20

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