Golf de Lyon Verger


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Golf de Lyon Verger

1350, chemin de l'Allemande

69360 Saint Symphorien d'Ozon

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Golf welcomes you everyday

  from 8:30am to 5:00pm


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The restaurant is open from 8:30am.

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The Golf Club of Lyon Verger was founded in 1977 by Jacques de Préneuf on an orchard that he he owned close to the village of Saint Syphorien d’Ozon, a 20-minute drive south of  Place Bellecour in central Lyon.

Thanks to its well-drained soil, the course can be played on all the year round.

Dress code :

For everyone’s convenience, all players are requested to conform with the following dress code :

Men : shirts must have a collar and sleeves and must be tucked inside the trousers. Please refrain from wearing tee-shirts, jeans, shorts, sweat-pants and Bermuda shorts. Caps must be worn with the shade forward and removed inside the club house.

Ladies :
Please do not wear shorts, jeans, sweat-pants or tank-tops with thin straps.

Children :
same dress-code as adults.

Everyone : Golf shoes or tennis shoes
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