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Article 1
All clubmembers as well as visitors must comply with these rules which are posted inside the club and may be amended at any time by the manager.

Article 2 : subscriptions
Subscriptions are due on January 1st each year.
A 10% surcharge will be applied for every payment made after February 15. No reminder will be sent beforehand.
Any subscription not paid by March 1st shall be recovered through legal action.
Article 3 : access to golfing facilities
Access to the course is limited to :
- fully paid-up members
- visiting players
- guests or persons accompanying visiting players
- any other individual allowed by the management
Golfing facilities can only be accessed after checking with reception,
Every player must be able to provide evidence of payment. If unable to do so, a player shall be requested to pay an 18-hole green fee or to leave the golf course forthwith.
Every player shall start from hole number 1. Starting from hole number 10 is not allowed except with special permission from the management.
Every player must carry a current registration-card (‘licence’) and have a handicap equal to or lower than 36, or, failing that, own a Green Card (Carte Verte)
Any activity other than golf playing is prohibited on the golf course, jogging, cycling, collecting mushroms, etc 

Article 4: right of way

During the week maintenance personnel have right of way on the course. Players are requested to play only when these personnel are out of reach.
During week ends and competitions players have right of way. They are, however, requested to play only after warning the maintenance personnel and allowing them to clear the playing field.

Article 5 : booking tee-off times
Tee-off times are scheduled in order to optimize the use of the golf course. No member can start playing without advance reservation and checking with reception. Everyone should respect the reserved tee-off times. Depending on attendance, players may be requested to play in groups of three or four. The management may request individual players to join other parties of members or visitors.

Article 6 : Green fees
Players on green fees must check with reception before entering the course. They must provide evidence of a handicap of 36 or less or own a Green Card (Carte Verte). They must pay the green fee and respect the assigned tee-off times. The management reserves the right to lower the required handicap during certain periods and to organize parties in accordance with prevailing conditions.

Article 7 : driving range

The driving range and the pitch-and-putt are open to all licensed players and beginners or any person authorized by the management after checking with reception. Only practice balls may be used on the driving range within the specific practice area.
Collecting balls on the driving range area is forbidden.
Parctice balls are the property of the Golf du Verger. They cannot be used outside the practice areas and cannot be borrowed even temporarily (offenders will be fined 150€)
Lessons have priority for use of the covered driving-range.
Practice on grass is allowed only in specified areas.
Every player must pay attention not to harm anybody with his ball or with his clubs.
The driving range is closed every Wednesday until 12 :00 noon.

Article 8 : playing rules and use of the course

Specific rules may be drawn up if need be by the management with respect to the use of facilities, depending on their condition and the state of the weather, rating and age of players.
In case of thunderstorms, players are requested to respect the appropriate safety measures.
Facilities may be temporarily closed to members or visitors during open competitions or special events. In these cases members shall be informed by management in due time. In the event of closure, the management shall facilitate access to neighbouring golf courses.

Article 9 : Club house business hours

Club house opening days and business hours are posted on the relevant notice-board.
The restaurant is open every day. On Wednesdays as well as during the last week of December, the first week of January and the first week of August only a limited choice of food is available.

Article 10 : Buggies

Buggies are available on a rental basis. The green keepers shall only allow rental if all conditions are met. Golf carts are not rented to children below 16.

Article 11 : Loss or Theft in dressing and trolley sheds

The management accepts no responsibility for loss or theft in the dressing rooms, the trolley sheds or anywhere else on the premises.

Article 12 : thefts in the car-park
Users of the car-park should respect French driving rules.
The service provided by the club is limited to the provision of parking space and does not include any responsibility for safeguarding the vehicles and their contents.
Owners leave their vehicles and their contents in the car-park at their own risk.
Parking is not allowed on the south side of the road in order to leave sufficient passage-way for agricultural machines.

Article13: etiquette and playing rules
All members and players on green fee as well as accompanying persons are requested to comply with the etiquette and playing rules of the Fédération Française de Golf (FFG). The management reserves the right to initiate disciplinary action through the F.F.G. against offenders. 

Article 14: pets
No pets are allowed on the course

Article 15: behaviour, dress

Everyone is requested to respect the well being of others on the golfing facilities. Parents are required to watch their children on all the facilities.
Correct dress code must be respected in accordance with instructions posted on the doors of the dressing rooms. Wearing sweat-pants, shorts and tank-tops is prohibited. Inside the club house men are requested to remove their hats or caps.

Article 16: insurance against personal injuries

As provided for in the law of July 6, 2000 regarding the practice of sports, members and visitors are advised to take out a comprehensive personal-injury insurance policy.

Article 17: suggestions-book
A register is available at the reception desk for suggestions or remarks. In no event should remarks be made directly to personnel.

Article 18: Sports Association

All members of the Golf of Lyon Verger are de facto members of the Sports Association. In order to facilitate payments, the Golf of Lyon Verger will collect the  €45 annual fee together with the membership-fee. Every month the Sport Association bills the fees that have been collected by the Golf de Lyon Verger.
The Association has its own bill-board.

Article 19: consequences of not respecting the Club Rules

Management is fully empowered to enforce the Club Rules.
Any offence may cause the Golf de Lyon Verger to suspend temporarily or definitively its services to the offender after having considered his explanations.
In case of temporary suspension, the validity of the subscription or the right to play shall in no event be extended.
Should the offender be a member of the Sports Association, the management reserves the right to ask the Association to initiate disciplinary actions against him/her.
The management reserves the right to refuse admission to any offender.
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