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Golf de Lyon Verger

1350, chemin de l'Allemande

69360 Saint Symphorien d'Ozon

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Gentlemen's Team 2015 :

From left to right Chilpéric Martin, André Le Van Thé (president of the association), Jean-Luc Cournac, Joël Creusy, Emmanuel Giroud, Stéphane Joris (captain), Pierre Charrayre, Alain Marconi, Laurent Torrossian and Michel Boucharlat.

The team
Friends golfers, members of Golf de Lyon Verger, feel free to join a dynamic team where sportsmanship and friendliness are a constant.

We will share intense moments of pleasure during our friendly competitions on Monday and at inter-club meetings.

We organize each year for the animation of our team:
- Traditional "Challenge Club" meetings with players Swing.
- And our annual competition the "Gentlemen"

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